Wokingham HC Contacts

Below is the assembled committee for season 2004-2005, please only use the email addresses for hockey related correspondence.
To email all committee members simultaneously  : comm @wokingham-hc.co.uk
To email all captains simultaneously  : captains @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Chairman : Phil Bell phil.bell @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Deputy Chairman : Liz Edwards liz.edwards @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Treasurer : Howie Francis howie.francis @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Club Secretary : Amanda O'Connor amanda.o.connor @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Club Steward : Andrew Bowyer andrew.bowyer @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Membership Secretary : Ian Sherwood ders @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Press Secretary : Alex Hutchinson alex.hutchinson @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Website Editor : Ian Sherwood (Ders) ders @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Social Secretary : Helena & Dave Badger


Club Shop Manager : Mark Williams mark.williams @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Bar Treasurer : Roland Mear roland.mear @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Bar Steward : Pete Rowland pete.rowland @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Fantasy League : Paul Chedzey paul.chedzey @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Mens 1st XI Captain : Justin Brown justin.brown @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Mens 2nd XI Captain : Jon Ervine jon.ervine @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Mens 3rd XI Captain : Nik Willoughby nik.willoughby @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Mens 4th XI Captain : Mark Kearton mark.kearton @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Mens Vets Captain : Dob Russell dob.russell @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Mens Fixture Secretary : Dave Gibbons dave.gibbons @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Mens Team Secretary : Paul Chedzey paul.chedzey @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Ladies 1st XI Captain : Pammie Wall pammie.wall @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Ladies 2nd XI Captain : Kath Couzens kath.couzens @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Ladies 2A XI Captain : Julie Sheppard julie.sheppard @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Ladies Fixture Secretary : Lisa Onyett lisa.onyett @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Ladies Ump Co-ordinator : Christina Doyle chris.doyle @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Ladies Team Secretary : tbc   @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Mixed Captain : Debbie Bailey debbie.bailey @wokingham-hc.co.uk
Acting Youth Dev. Officer : Mark Williams mark.williams @wokingham-hc.co.uk